Setup Recommended Plugins

01: Easy Plugin Install

Install Plugins in One Click

Because our web kits are, well, effortless…we wanted to make it easy for you to install your plugins.

Simply navigate to the WordPress Dashboard, any page or post and you will find a box at the top that looks like this:

These are the recommended plugins for The Alexa theme. You can click the “Begin Installing Plugins” to install all of the recommended plugins at once.

Select all the plugins, click “Install”.

Once they’re installed, click “Back”

Then, click “Begin activating plugins”.

Select all the plugins, click “Activate”.


Curious about the plugins?

Here is the purpose of each plugin:

  • Instagram Feed: allows you to seamlessly integrate your Instagram account & feed on your website – displaying a beautiful full-width row of photos at the bottom of your site.
  • WooCommerce: sell physical, digital & affiliate products on your website with ease!
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast helps with search engine optimization through an easy user interface
  • GDPR Cookie Compliance: you need to let your site users know that you use cookies on your site (which you do if you use Google Analytics) this allows users to actively accept.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard WP: easily integrate your website with google analytics to track visitors, reports, and more.
  • Strong Testimonials: facilitates the testimonial slider on the homepage of The Claire in a lightweight, easy to use fashion.


Don’t want to install all of the plugins?

You don’t have to! You can click on the ones you want through the notification bar and install them individually as shown below.

02: Quick WooCommerce Setup

Quick WooCommerce Setup

Woocommerce makes it really easy to get started and configured for your particular shop needs. Simply go to WooCommerce and run the Setup Wizard.

Be sure to watch the WooCommerce 101 training for ALL the tips on setup & creating products.

(psst, this resource is found in the Guides folder of theAlexa.)

03: Connecting Your Instagram

Connecting & Displaying Your Instagram

The Alexa is built to integrate with your Instagram & display your feed beautifully in your footer!

In order to connect your Instagram account and adjust some of the settings (such as the number of photos) watch the video or follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to “Instagram Feed”
  • Click the Connect Instagram Account button and follow the steps
  • If you want the same look & feel as The Alexa demo site, update these settings:
    • number of photos: 4
    • number of columns: 4
    • padding around images: 20 px

Don’t forget to save your changes!

  • Now that the account is connected & the feed is customized, you need to display the feed.
  • Navigate to Appearance > Widgets
  • Find “Footer Area #1”
  • Place a TEXT widget there.
  • Give your widget a title & within the text widget, paste the following shortcode
04: Update Permalinks

Updating Your Permalink Structure

This will update the way your links appear on your website.

Head to Settings > Permalinks

Choose whichever structure you want, we prefer “Post name” which gives your pages and posts a URL such as instead of

After you choose your permalink structure, click “Save Changes”.

05: Setting up Your Testimonials

Testimonials Plugin Setup

Once you’ve installed & activated all of your plugins, you will want to get your testimonials plugin ready to go so it will seamlessly integrate on your book landing page(s)!

Follow the video tutorial or the steps below to set up your testimonial slider & add new testimonials.

Setting Up the Testimonial Slider

  • Head to Testimonials > Views
  • Click “Add New”
  • Give your view a name
  • Change the MODE to Slideshow
  • Change the transition time to 6 (or whatever you want the transition time to be)
  • Set the Navigation Controls to: “SIDES: PREV / NEXT
  • Change the Style Template to MODERN

NOTE: You can also update some of the other settings like the ORDER. You do want to make sure you have the Mode set to Slideshow, the Navigation Controls set and the Style Template set as above. Everything else is pretty much fair game, but it may change the way it is displayed and may not look like the Alexa demo exactly.

You can also create a different view for each Book you create by making a testimonial category for the book and displaying JUST that category in the view.


Adding a Testimonial

  • Head to Testimonials > Add New
  • Give the Testimonial a Title
  • Fill in the testimonial itself
  • Add a featured image (NOT required – this will notdisplay on the testimonial)
  • Add name, company name, website (NOT required)
  • Publish!