Setup Recommended Plugins

01: Easy Plugin Install

Install Plugins in One Click

Because our web kits are, well, effortless…we wanted to make it easy for you to install your plugins.

Simply navigate to the WordPress Dashboard, any page or post and you will find a box at the top that looks like this:

These are the recommended plugins for The Tara theme. You can click the “Begin Installing Plugins” to install all of the recommended plugins at once.

Select all the plugins, click “Install”.

Then, click “Begin activating plugins”.

Select all the plugins, click “Activate”.


Curious about the plugins?

Here is the purpose of each plugin:

  • BuddyPress facilitates user profiles (wonderful for a membership site!)
  • bbPress creates the forum & community structure that integrates directly with The Tara
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast helps with search engine optimization through an easy user interface
  • Jetpack by allows you to track stats and reports (this can also be replaced with a Google Analytics plugin)


Don’t want to install all of the plugins?

You don’t have to! You can click on the ones you want through the notification bar and install them individually as shown below.

02: Quick BuddyPress Configuration

BuddyPress Configuration

After you install and activate your plugins, you will likely see a message from BuddyPress that looks like this:

Click “Update your Permalink Structure”

Choose whichever structure you want, we prefer “Post name” which gives your pages and posts a URL such as instead of

After you choose your permalink structure, click “Save Changes”. The message from BuddyPress will now be gone 🙂


Hide Top Login Bar

This is a personal preference, but if you don’t want there to be a black login bar at the top of your website, you’ll want to disable the login bar for logged-out users.

You can do this by going to:

  • Settings > BuddyPress > Options
  • Find the checkbox that says “Show the Toolbar for Logged out Users” and UNCHECK it!

03: Your Membership Plugin

Your Membership Plugin

Since you are here and installing & activating plugins, now would be a good time to install and activate your membership plugin of choice!

Be sure to read through the Membership Plugin Guide and the two included Membership Mechanics training videos to help you decide which plugin is best for you.

(psst, these resources are found in the Guides folder of theTara.)